Past Projects

In the past five years, we have been researching microplastics in Cayuga Lake as well. We have investigated the sources of microplastics to Cayuga Lake by looking at the concentrations in air, rain, and snow throughout Ithaca. We have also studied the ability of fish to distinguish between microplastics and fish food. 

Microplastics in the Aquatic Environment

How many microplastics are in Cayuga Lake and in surrounding tributaries? Where are they coming from?

Plastic Particle Verification

One upcoming problem in microplastics research is making sure what we are seeing is acualty plastic and not organic material. So, how do we know what we are seeing is plastic and not something else?

Microplastics & Fish Behavior

We know that microplastics are found in waterways, but how do plastics affect aquatic life?

Plastic Waste Reduction Advocacy

Sources of Microplastics

Where do microplastics come from?

Sources of Microplastics Procedure