Dr. Susan Allen


Dr. Susan Allen is the professor for the lab and Principal Investigator on various local toxicology projects. She received her PhD from Oregon State University in Toxicology, and has worked on projects in far away places such as the Arctic and the Amazon. She now spends most of her time studying pharmaceuticals and microplastics in Cayuga Lake. Susan spends her free time outdoors, and is especially fond of being on lakes or on her bike. Her sidekick is Cayo, sweet golden retriever.

Bruce Franz​

Lab Technician

Bruce is the lead developer of ictoxlab.com. After completing his degree at Ithaca College, Bruce earned his Master’s in Environmental Health from Oregon State University. Bruce now works for works for the Risk Assessment and Community Health Division of Ramboll in NJ


Current Students

Evelyn Huang


Evelyn Huang is a senior at Ithaca College working towards a B.S. in Environmental Science and a minor in Mathematics. She first became interested in studying microplastics when she took an environmental science course in high school, where her teacher encouraged her to learn more. Now, she is working on PFAS in the Ithaca area and drinking water. In her free time, she enjoys writing short stories and won the Best Prose/Personal Essay award from Zoetic Literary Magazine.


Grace Mattson


Grace Mattson is currently a junior at Ithaca College with a major in Environmental Science and a minor in Biology. She started working in the IC Tox Lab at the beginning of her sophomore year after taking an elective course with Dr. Susan Allen called The Environmental Crisis. Grace enjoys working in the lab due to the diverse experience she can get in the lab, in the field, and with community outreach. In her free time, she likes hanging out with Susan’s dog Cayo. 

Adriana Sulca


Adriana Sulca is currently a senior at Ithaca College with an Environmental Science Major and a minor in Health. She transferred to Ithaca last year and took Susan’s ecotoxicology course as one of her first classes here. She enjoyed the course so much that she decided to join the IC Tox Lab research group this year. She loves working outdoors as well as working in the lab with Susan, Cayo, and the rest of the team! Learning about the health effects on the exposure and spread of microplastics, tire treads, and PFAs through waterways and fish sampling has been an ongoing great experience that combines both her major and minor!


Charlie Stearns


Charlie Stearns is a sophomore at IC majoring in both Environmental Science and Television/ Digital Media although he mainly focuses his career on environmental sciences. This is his first semester in the lab. He enjoys the technical learning curves, fieldwork, and ecological aspects of the study. He hopes to document studies and ecosystems for public outreach using digital media and documentaries. Charlie enjoys hiking, camping, and photography in his free time!

Amelia Menses


Amelia Meneses is a second-year student at Ithaca College. Amelia is studying Environmental Science as a major with a minor in Biology. She originally became interested in Microplastics and Tire wear particles when Susan gave a talk about the Ecotox lab to one of her classes. Now Amelia is increasingly interested in ecotoxicology. In her free time, Amelia likes to spend time working out, going on hikes, or simply spending time relaxing outdoors.


Megan Plummer

Megan Plummer is an Environmental Scientist at Coneco Engineers & Scientists.

Georgia Kaplan

Georgia Kaplan is an Environmental Scientist for Parsons Corporation in CO.


Rachel Barone

Rachel Barone is a Environmental Staff Project Manager at ECS Limited in PA.


Nicole Pouy

Nicole Pouy is a Policy Analyst at the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI).


Curt MConnell

Curt MConnell earned his PhD from Penn State University and now works for Indigo Ag as a Sustainability Scientist.


Thomas Minnett

Thomas Minnett is an Environmental Scientist at HDR.



Jackson Cedrone 

Jackson Cedrone is a Faculty Support Specialist at Harvard Business School.

Jake Espencheid

Jake Espencheid is a Lab Tech at Cormetech.


Kendall Wald

Kendall Wald is pursuing a Master’s Degree at the Bison Center for Excellence at South Dakota State University.


Francesca Germano

Francesca Germano is pursuing a PhD in Environmental Justice and Outreach at Oregon State University,


Danielle Trant

Danielle Trant works as a metal prep technician at York Analytical Laboratories.

Heidi Nydam

Heidi Nydam is an undergraduate student-athlete at Bates College. She joined our lab as a high school intern.